3 Top Tips to Maintain the Winter Garden

Valley Rural Supplies SeasolWith the cold approaching fast, it is the perfect time to help protect your gardens, trees and veggie garden from frost and plan for a blooming spring.

Tip 1 - Get on to Bindi’s Now!

Here at Valley Rural Supplies we have a range of products to get on top of Bindi’s before they get on top of you!

Tip 2 - Protect your Trees, Gardens and Veggies from Frost

The best tips to fortify your garden over winter is to a) Mulch well and b) use a product like Seasol to do a foliar application to reduce damage from frost.  You can read more here…

Tip 3 - Plan your pruning for Winter

June and July are the optimum months to prune your roses for brilliant blooms in Spring.  You can read more here…

Talk to our friendly team about winter fortifying of your garden today!

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