5 Top Tips For Poultry & Pet Care for Winter

Valley Rural Supplies Petlife-Dog-Bed5 Top tips for Poultry and Pet Care for surviving winter.

Tip No 1 for Chooks

Just like us, chickens feel the cold and change their laying habits during the winter months.  They will molt and you will have reduced or no egg production.  This is perfectly normal.

Winter is the best time to help support them through the colder months by boosting their protein intake in feed ratios or adding meat meal can also help too.  Make sure they have clean fresh water and a clean nesting box (you will need to get rid of those pesky excess feathers from molting!

Tip No 2 for Pets

Provide your dog or cat a snuggly place to curl up.  Be aware the cold concrete can transfer the cold into the dog bed, so a raised bed with a comfy topper is warmer than the topper straight on the ground.

Tip No 3 for Pets

Keep your dog warm in a stylish coat!  Dog rugs are an excellent way to help shield short hair breeds from the cold winter nights. We have a range of dog coats in varying materials to suit most breeds…

Tip No 4 for Pets

Just because it’s cold, this doesn’t mean that there are not ticks around!  Be aware that ticks will breed in wet weather, regardless of the temperature!  Use a compatible tick treatment for your pet to ensure they don’t become a victim.

Tip No 5 for Pets

Worms are a 24/7, 365 days of the year parasite.  Remember to worm your pets regularly!

Need advice on Poultry?  Talk to our store manager Andrew or Chris who are our store experts in Poultry.

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