3 Top Tips to Maintain the Winter Garden

Valley Rural Supplies SeasolWith the cold approaching fast, it is the perfect time to help protect your gardens, trees and veggie garden from frost and plan for a blooming spring.

Tip 1 - Get on to Bindi’s Now!

Here at Valley Rural Supplies we have a range of products to get on top of Bindi’s before they get on top of you!

Tip 2 - Protect your Trees, Gardens and Veggies from Frost

The best tips to fortify your garden over winter is Continue reading

Winter – The Perfect Time To Fence

Valley Rural Supplies Fencing-Post-and-WireLet’s face it Fencing is a tough job to do in the Summer months, when it is hot and humid! So the Winter months are the perfect time to jump into those fencing tasks and get them completed so you can enjoy Spring.

What you will need

To construct or repair your fence you will need the following:

  • a helper
  • pliers
  • posts (strainers and drop posts)
  • wire
  • post hole-digger
  • gripples and applicator or wire-strainers Continue reading