Autumn the Time To Sew For Your Livestock

March/April is the perfect time to sow Winter Feed for livestock (Cattle, Horses and Sheep). Below is information on seed stocks that suit this region.


Valley Rural Supplies | Rye GrassThere are a couple of varieties of annual Ryegrass which are successful in NSW, but the most popular of the Rye’s is Tetila Rye…

Tetila performs well in early stages, especially when sown early.
Sown at 1 x 20kg bag to the hectare.

Tip! You can also add 1kg of white or red clover (depending on the category of stock you are going to be feeding) to this to boost your grazing pasture.


3 variety of oats in order of price are Yarran, Drover and Saia.
Sown at app 2.5 bags to the hectare


For a winter legume plant Vetch.
Sown at 5-10kg per hectare

Come in store and consult with our friendly team about what seed stock would be best for your livestock.

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