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What’s the Best Options to Rid Your Poultry of Parasites

Poultry Lice ProductsOne of the responsibilities of owning Chickens is make sure they maintain good health.  Chickens can be prone to Parasites and Lice.

But never fear there are lots of products in store to assist you with the control of Bird Lice.  If you are not sure if your flock is affected by parasites, you can do a bit of reading here and learn more about bird dwelling parasites.

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What is Coccidiossis and Why You Need to Know About It

CoccidiossisCoccidiossis is a disease of birds and mammals that chiefly affects the intestines, caused by coccidia. It is one of the most common diseases to affect chickens and as such should be in the vocabulary of every backyard chicken keeper.

Coccidiossis is species-specific, which means if you have livestock around with coccidiosis they won’t infect your chickens and vice versa. However, coccidiosis doesn’t discriminate amongst the avian species – ducks, turkeys, geese can all pass the disease on to chickens and vice versa.*

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4 Top Tips to Get Your Pets Through Hot Weather

4 Tops Tips to Get Your Pets Through Hot WeatherOur pets are some of our nearest and dearest. So the team at Valley Rural Supplies has constructed a tip sheet to help protect and keep your pets cool this Summer.

Cool Water
When it is hot, the last thing you want to drink is hot water. If you pets are kept outside put out at least two sources of water. Consider the direction of the sun as it moves through the day and supply your pet with options so they can always have fresh water that hasn’t been sitting in the sun.

Plenty of Shade & Air Flow
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3 Top Tips For Preparing Your Laying Chickens For Spring

3 Top Tips for Your HensIn the day of our grandparents every Aussie backyard had a Chook shed that provided eggs and the odd roast dinner.

Chickens are quite intelligent animals and require little upkeep in the grand scale of pet ownership, plus they have the added reward of egg production.

Here are 3 Top Tips To Keeping Your Flock Healthy For Spring and Maximum Egg Production..

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Controlling External Parasites in Your Flock

Controlling External Parasites in your FlockMost external parasites that affect birds don’t live on humans, but a few will take a bite out of you if they get on you. You don’t want parasites on you, and you may want your chickens to be as comfortable and healthy as possible. 

Chicken parasites are a given in most backyard coops.  External parasites — lice, mites, and ticks — are the Continue reading