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What Is The Importance Of Salt For Your Livestock

What Is The Importance Of Salt For Your LivestockThe elements of common salt, sodium and chlorine, are essential for animal life. They are part of several functions in maintaining osmotic pressure in body cells which is vital to the transfer of nutrients and waste products across the cell membrane. Salt is a major component of fluid blood, which contains about 0.17% of both Continue reading

What you need to know about Liver Fluke

Liver Fluke PicFasciola hepatica or Liver Fluke is a flatworm that parasitises a wide range of hosts including sheep, cattle, horses, rabbits, wallabies and even humans. The adults live in the bile duct and feed on blood, which can lead to chronic disease and impairment of performance, but greater impacts are usually seen from the damage caused by the immature flukes developing within the liver.

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