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Winter – The Perfect Time To Fence

Valley Rural Supplies Fencing-Post-and-WireLet’s face it Fencing is a tough job to do in the Summer months, when it is hot and humid! So the Winter months are the perfect time to jump into those fencing tasks and get them completed so you can enjoy Spring.

What you will need

To construct or repair your fence you will need the following:

  • a helper
  • pliers
  • posts (strainers and drop posts)
  • wire
  • post hole-digger
  • gripples and applicator or wire-strainers Continue reading

What are the Brown Patches in Your Lawn?

What is the Brown Patches in Your Lawn-Potentially they could be Lawn Grub, which will rapidly destroy your nice green lawn. Most lawn grub activity occurs in late spring through summer to autumn. Adult lawn beetles become active in spring, which is when they start mating and laying eggs.

Common symptoms of Lawn Grub – brown, dry and brittle turf. On closer inspection the leaf
blade of the turf to be eaten by something.

The actual lawn grub looks very similar to a caterpillar. (as this photo displays). They are range in
colour from bright green to dark green / brown in colour with black dots down there back.

What can you use to control Lawn Grub if spotted?

  • Fortune 500
  • Zeus

Pop in store and ask our friendly team for the best product to keep your lawn in good shape this Summer.

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8 Tips to Preparing your Garden for Drought

Here is our Top 8 tips to Drought Proof your Garden.

How To Drought Proof Your GardenAccording to Local Council statistics… the average household uses 170,000 litres of water every year.  That’s enough to fill four backyard swimming pools.  All this water is sprinkled, squirted, dripped, gushed and quite often wasted.

How much water do we use outdoors? * 
An average tap flows at up to  Continue reading