At Valley Rural Supplies we offer a diverse range of products that stimulate plant growth, condition the soil to achieve increased productivity in crops, pastures and the home garden, these include products such as:

  • Dinofert Organic Fertilizer Garden Shot
  • Incitec Pivot – Nitrophoska, Aftergraze, CK88, Urea etc.
  • Natra-Min – Hi-Phos, Cal S, K-Phos and Original
  • Terra Firma – Organic Life, Poultry Manure pellets, Grassmaster,  BFA Organic Life
  • Nutricote
  • DolomiteLucerne
  • Lime
  • Gypsum
  • The Basics Soil Conditioner
  • Seasol

Please see in store for the range of Certified Organic Fertilisers.

Agronomy Services are available upon request.  You can contact Andrew Howell on 6568 5066 for an appointment.