How to Prepare for Summer Vegetables

Valley Rural Supplies Summer VegetablesDo you have temptation to dive in and plant loads of seedlings and handfuls of seeds for Spring and Summer veggies crops?… Before you do, you should consider the needs of the plants so that you don’t have to disturb the soil down the track.

Here are 5 tips on preparing beds for Spring and Summer ‘crops’

A few weeks in advance add suitable kitchen scraps and a good dose of Dolomite, Blood and Bone and Gypsum if you need to break up slightly clay based soil.
Although sometimes plants may look super healthy, it doesn’t guarantee that maximum nutrients are making it to the table!

Be careful to monitor the amount of nitrogen you are adding to root crop beds, they aren’t fans of too much Nitrogen. Crop rotation is recommended for such situations… plant root vegetables in beds that have had heavy Nitrogen drawing crops from winter.

Adding an irrigation or water system that can be flexible and fit in with your crop rotation is a good idea. Drip watering will ensure that you are not wasting water to the atmosphere!

Erect Trellis for climbing crops on preparation and planting. Doing this will mean that you avoid disturbing crops and root systems mid peak growing.

Mulching is the final layer to your crop preparation. We carry a wide range of mulching options, depending on the crops you are planting and the aesthetic outcome you want to achieve.

Talk to our friendly team at Coffs Harbour Produce about your needs for fertilizers and mulching options.

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