Pet Supplies

We stock a comprehensive range of pet food and supplies including the following:

  • Dog food – wet & dry with over 9 varieties
  • Cat food both wet & dry varieties
  • Bird foods such as Golden Cob, Avigrain, Vetafarm and Sheps.
  • Rabbit Food (made onsite)
  • Animal bedding such as straw & wood shavings, dog beds/mattresses
  • Cat litter
  • Poultry – food, waterers, feeders, wormers and lice/mite treatments
  • Extensive range of cat/dog wormers, flea & tick controls, medicated shampoo’s.
  • Frozen Pet Meat – Roo, Beef and Chicken
  • Grooming products such as combs, brushes, nail clippers
  • Collars, leads, choker chains, muzzles

Plus much more in store.