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4 Top Tips to Get Your Pets Through Hot Weather

4 Tops Tips to Get Your Pets Through Hot WeatherOur pets are some of our nearest and dearest. So the team at Valley Rural Supplies has constructed a tip sheet to help protect and keep your pets cool this Summer.

Cool Water
When it is hot, the last thing you want to drink is hot water. If you pets are kept outside put out at least two sources of water. Consider the direction of the sun as it moves through the day and supply your pet with options so they can always have fresh water that hasn’t been sitting in the sun.

Plenty of Shade & Air Flow
Shade is important for outside pets to self manage Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Fleas and Flea Control

All You Need to Know About Fleas and Flea ControlFleas – What you need to know about this pest

Although they feed on the blood of dogs and cats, they sometimes bite humans. They can live without food for several months, but females must have a blood meal before they can produce eggs. They can deliver about 4000 eggs on the host’s fur. The eggs go through four life-cycle stages: embryo, larva, pupa, and imago (adult). This whole life cycle from egg to adult takes from two to three weeks, although this depends on the temperature. It may take longer in cool conditions.

Their legs are long, the hind pair well adapted for jumping: a flea can jump vertically up to Continue reading

The Importance Play for Your Pet

The Importance Play for Your PetWhy do pets like to play?

  • When young, play is practice for life. Kittens stalking and pouncing on toy mice are learning to hunt.
  • Play exercises our pets’ bodies and their minds. Most breeds of dogs traditionally had jobs to do. Playing with toys and interacting with us is now their role.
  • We have bred our pets to have juvenile personalities all their lives. So while puppies and kittens especially love to play, even adult animals will play given the chance. Mature aged pets can also be encouraged to partake in a little gentle play.*

The benefits of play Continue reading