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3 Top Tips to Maintain the Winter Garden

Valley Rural Supplies SeasolWith the cold approaching fast, it is the perfect time to help protect your gardens, trees and veggie garden from frost and plan for a blooming spring.

Tip 1 - Get on to Bindi’s Now!

Here at Valley Rural Supplies we have a range of products to get on top of Bindi’s before they get on top of you!

Tip 2 - Protect your Trees, Gardens and Veggies from Frost

The best tips to fortify your garden over winter is Continue reading

Treating Frost Shock in your Plants

Frosted CropSeaweed products have long been renowned with preventing shock when transplanting plants. In addition it is a proven performer for the germination of seeds.

It is thought that Seaweed also helps to improve the thickness of plant cell walls, perhaps this is why it is so useful in protecting plants during and after transplant. The result in Seaweed treated plants is a higher resistance to pest and disease attack and most profoundly in the winter months an improved resistance to Frost. Continue reading

Why Mulch Your Garden for Winter?

Mulching For WinterWhat is Mulch and how does it work?

Mulch is simply a layer of natural material, placed on the soil surface, that conserves moisture, protects and adds nutrients to the topsoil, and guards it against extremes of climate.*

Mulches also provide a benefit in evening out fluctuations in soil temperature, keeping soils Continue reading

Get To Leafminer Before It Gets A Hold On Your Citrus Trees

LeafMinerWhat is a Leafminer?
Technically the Citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella, is a small moth pest of citrus.

How do they Damage Citrus Plants?
Damage is caused by the larvae as they mine immature foliage. Twisted and curled leaves are generally the first symptoms noticed. Severe infestations, (an average of two or more mines per leaf) can retard the growth Continue reading

How to Protect Your Fruit Trees this Spring and Summer from Fruit Fly (QFF)

Why are Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) such a pest?

Qld Fruit Fly QFFThe life of the Queensland Fruit Fly consists of breeding, infiltrating your crop, devouring and despoiling the fruits of your labour, growing to maturity and repeating the cycle in a life span of just four weeks!

Let’s meet the Enemy…

  • There are over 250 species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae which occur in Australia but only Continue reading