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Strangles, is it the forgotten Vaccination?

StranglesIn recent years there has been much concern about the Hendra Virus and it’s effect in the Northern NSW area, so Strangles seems to have taken a ‘back seat’.

What is Strangles?

Valley Rural Supplies has previously published articles on Strangles as we believe that it is still super important for our Equine friends to be vaccinated against this debilitating condition. You can read about Strangles here, and Tetanus and Strangles here.

What our team has noticed… Continue reading

How to Get The Winning Shine

Barastoc GroomShow season in nearly upon us.  Soon the weather will get a little colder and horses will start shedding and growing their winter coats.

If you want to achieve that ‘showroom shine’ on your horse, you have to start on the inside. Elbow grease and rugging alone on the outside won’t produce the same shine in the coat as Continue reading

Are You Poisoning Your Horses?

Toxic Weeds and HorsesUnfortunately in Northern NSW we have a large variety of toxic weeds, particularly for Livestock. Due to our clement weather and high rainfall these weeds prosper. As horse owners we have to do due diligence to keep weeds from spreading and introducing weeds to our own pastures.

One of the highest ranking reasons for introduction of weed to your pasture is the introduction of low grade Hay and Fodder. Whilst trying to avoid quality feed costs, many horse owners are only Continue reading