This 5 Step Process To Keep Your Lawn Healthy


How to prepare your Lawn for Spring and Summer

Valley Rural Supplies | Summer GrassStep 1
Aerate Your Lawn – This will promote a healthy root system by providing much needed oxygen and allow watering to get to the subterraneal heart of your grass. Done inSpring, and approximately every 1-3 year… however high traffic areas that become compounded will require higher frequency of aerating.

TOOLS… One of the best and most reliable is the good old Garden Fork… you can find them in store!

Step 2
Remove excess runners and thatch – Although decomposing grass cuttings and runners are good for your lawn, an excess can prevent much needed sunlight from reaching your lawn, and water can be soaked up before it reaches the roots. The best time to ‘attack’ this project is in conjunction with Step 1 – Aeration

TOOLS… A good steelhead rake should do the trick!

Step 3
Fertilise! – By talking to our friendly team, you can be guided to the best fertiliser for your lawn species. Remember, before rain is ideal (so you don’t burn the lawn or have to water it in) and avoid fertilising too close to peak summer conditions.

Step 4
Water – Deep water, with the goal of reaching the roots. Frequent shallow watering will actually result in shallow root systems and your lawn will be less resilient. Best done early morning or late evening to avoid evaporation and get the best net results.

Step 5
Mowing – Regular mowing making sure that you only cut approximately ⅓ of your lawn height will provide the best results. Be sure to cut in a different pattern to avoid ‘stripes’ and make sure you mower has sharp blades. Mowing helps to strengthen the root system. In Summer mowing height can be raised, by leaving longer grass it will help retain moisture in the soil and prevent the soil from baking.

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