Top Picks For Worming Pets and Livestock

Valley Rural Supplies | Worming Pets and LivestockAutumn is a good time to insure all livestock and pets are wormed prior to the colder winter months.  This will give your pets and livestock a better chance to sustain weight and body fat during the winter months.

Below is a list of popular products, tried and tested by our customers and recommended by our knowledgeable team.  We have linked all the products so you can read and evaluate the best product for your livestock or pet.


Top Picks… Maximus, Genesis, Epricare, Eclipse and Cydectin. All are available in store.


Top Picks… Equest Plus Tape, Equimax, Strategy T, E-Mox Pro, Razor, Equimec.

Sheep and Goats

Top Picks… Hat Trick, Q-drench, Panacur, Oralject


Top Picks… Piperazine, Kilvern


Top Pick… Advocate


Top Picks… Drontal, Heartguard, Canine Allwormer

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