Why You Need to Start Thinking About Bindis Right Now

What is Bindi?

Bindi EyeHorticoultralist and Gardeing Guru Jerry Coleby-Williams says… “Bindii, Soliva sessilis, is a common lawn weed. It’s an annual, that is a low-growing, ground hugging plant. They germinate as seed during the start of the cool seasons, flower in late winter to spring, and set lots of small, burred seed. Most people are picking them out of their feet when they realise it’s been growing in their garden for ages…”*

The best time to eradicate Bindi is now in the Colder months before they become embedded in feet and thongs in Spring and Summer.

Searles have a specific product (available in store now) Bindi & Clover Killer that will do the job nicely.

But Jerry also believes this pesky weed is also telling you something very important!
If bindii is in your lawn, it’s telling you that:

  • Your soil is compacted, and needs aerating;
  • Your soil is acidic, and needs sweetening;
  • Your turf is starved, and needs feeding;
  • You’re mowing your lawn too low;
  • Get your lawn into shape

‘Sweeten’ your Lawn:-
Sprinkle one handful of dolomite per square metre. This sweetens acidic soil and replenishes its magnesium, invigorating turf. Dolomite is available in store.

Aerate your soil:-
Use a fork, or hire an aerator, and aerate your lawn. This helps rain and air to get into the soil, helping your turf to develop a healthy root system. Coffs Harbour Produce has a variety of garden implements to help you aerate your lawn.

Feed your Lawn:-
A good quality organic pellet like Terra Firma Grassmaster or Terra Firma Poultry Manure Pellets will feed your lawn and promote a healthy cover.

Change the Height of Your Mower Blades:-
Shaved turf develops bald patches, inviting weed invasion. Turf cut high naturally smothers many lawn weeds.

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** Image credit Dave’s Garden