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Myth Bust – Cats and Rodents

Tomcat Video Cat1MYTH: Having cats is good for mouse prevention.

FACT: Not all cats are good “mousers,” and few cats will challenge a rat. Although some cats hunt for mice, many cats tolerate rats or mice, especially when they are well-fed and won’t do much for mouse prevention. It could be said that more rats and mice have been fed by cat food than killed by a cat.*

MYTH: If you see rats or mice in the daytime, there is a large population around. Continue reading

Beating the Flies Around Stables and Coups

Efekto Fly TrapSummer is a beautiful time of year, sunny skies, warm weather, BBQ’s… and FLIES!

These pesky insects will multiple and are attracted to Stables and Chicken Coups. Fly Traps are available in many places – but most have a very limited use. They often don’t actually attract many flies or if they do, they don’t actually trap them. Some use harmful chemicals and the cost is often prohibitive as well.

So if you are look for an organic solutions Continue reading

How to Protect Your Fruit Trees this Spring and Summer from Fruit Fly (QFF)

Why are Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) such a pest?

Qld Fruit Fly QFFThe life of the Queensland Fruit Fly consists of breeding, infiltrating your crop, devouring and despoiling the fruits of your labour, growing to maturity and repeating the cycle in a life span of just four weeks!

Let’s meet the Enemy…

  • There are over 250 species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae which occur in Australia but only Continue reading

The New Tasty Chew that Effectively Combats Fleas & Ticks in Dogs

You have probably seen the TV ads. So here is what you need to know about this exciting new way to administer Flea and Tick control.

NexGardThe makers of FRONTLINE Plus, have developed and recently released NexGard for dogs which kills adult fleas before they lay eggs, and kills ticks, too. All in a delicious beef flavoured, soft chew that dogs love.

For coast dwellers, NexGard is a god send! We have all tried to balance the best flea and tick control for our dogs with the fun factor of the beach, rivers and dams. Because NexGard is an oral product, swimming or bathing has no effect on NexGard. Your dog’s coat can be we immediately after taking the product.

NexGard soft chew is FDA-approved and proven safe for use in dogs. It contains an ingredient, Afoxolaner, which helps treat and control fleas and ticks and keeps killing for a full 30 days.

How does it work? Continue reading